Clarify your message so customers listen.



Develop a plan to implement your message.



Leverage your clear message to win more business.


It’s not your fault.

If you have a business, you have to do marketing. When you look around at what others are doing, it can sound pushy, aggressive, annoying…like a used car salesman. And, I’m guessing that’s not the feeling you want your potential customers to have about you. It can be nerve-wracking to think about how you are going to talk about what you do.

It doesn’t have to be that way. With the right messaging, you can cut through the noise and market your business in confidence. Plus, you can put your focus back on the aspects of your business you love.

When you have a clear brand message that invites your customers into a story, your business will soar!

Karen Hudson Consulting
Kelly has transformed my brand and because of her marketing expertise, I am seeing huge growth in my business.
— Karen Hudson Consulting

Get back to what you love.


Save time

Stop staring at a blinking cursor, wondering what to say.


Be Confident

Know you have a message that moves customers to respond.


Have Fun!

Enjoy being an entrepreneur with the right kind of customers.

One of the most valuable tools Kelly taught me was content that serves your clients well can not only drive sales but keep them coming back. Her advice was simple which made it easy to find ways to implement immediately.
— Paige, PaigeMc Photography
Kelly McInturff testimonial

Let's Simplify Marketing.

A lot of mompreneurs are nervous to market their business because they don't want to seem pushy.

I help them find the right words to sell their products and services without sounding aggressive.

Once they have a message they feel comfortable sharing, they are more confident in marketing their business.

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StoryBrand Certified Guide

I’m trained and certified in a 7-part framework that helps you create a marketing message that works.

StoryBrand is a tool that helps thousands of businesses create clarity in their marketing so they can win more business.

Never heard of StoryBrand? The book Building a StoryBrand is a great place to start. Click here to give me your mailing address and I’ll send you a copy!

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Marketing Strategy Session

Your brand message will be developed or refined to be clear and compelling. The message is then integrated into all areas of your business and marketing materials.

Website Layout + Copy

Not only is the content of your website important, but the layout is key. Your website will turn into a 24/7 salesforce for your business.


Having a fresh set of eyes on your marketing can be a game-changer. I will come alongside you to help you reach your goals.


Ultimate Website Content Checklist

Is your website not performing as well as you would like? Are you not getting the sales you want? The problem probably isn’t your product or service. The problem is most likely your website.

The Ultimate Website Content Checklist can help you turn browsers into buyers.


What is self-doubt costing you?

How many potential customers are you missing because you don’t want to sound too “salesy”? How much money have you passed up because you are too scared to talk about your business?

It’s time to kick insecurity to the curb.

It’s time to create a compelling story that you actually want to tell…and that customers want to hear.


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